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marketing and interactive

media for retail brands,

healthcare, non-profits

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Established in 2002, Margraffix quickly and adroitly earned a reputation for being a preferred communications resource for such prestigious performing arts companies as People’s Light and Theater Company, the 3rd largest regional theater company in Pennsylvania; Society of the Performing Arts in Houston, TX; The Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge and many others regional to Philadelphia and around the country.

Our focus is now on web and interactive design, as we've launched some highly specialized websites including and PeopleHearing both done for the Amercian Hearing Aid Association, the largest independent network of Audiologists in the United States. In the past year, we launched another consumer facing site for AHAA, Lead Generation Score Card, a question and answer site that collects data from their client and communicates back to the client by caculating the data and sending back the proper answer. 

Similar to the Lead Generation Score Card site, we recently designed and developed an app for Intel-Saffron. The app connects with Saffron's complex intelligence software API and presents a friendly user-interface to allow users to easily interact with the complex data. Since the app uses AJAX javascript, the page loads are incredibly fast. Additionally, the app includes page animations between pages, giving the user high-tech feedback about their interactions. The app was optimized for both desktop and mobile use for internal use by Intel's sales team.


Margraffix has launched several other sites including For Nava, we designed a custom CMS website that fully integrates their customer relationship management (CRM) system (mindbody). Nava’s goal was to develop a site that branded them not only as a yoga studio, but as a multi-faceted health center. Aligned with Vincera Institute, the leading core injury center in the country located in Philadelphia, Nava is an integral component of the institute’s rehab capabilities. 

Margraffix is currently working on sites for the City of Philadelphia's Health Department, Armand Corporation and Blueprint Brewing Company.