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Topher Wright

Topher Wright once found himself accidentally in the wrong class one day. As it was a good class - he stayed and became a videographer and photographer. At Villanova University he helped to create the award winning documentaries ‘Price Of Life’ and ‘Coming Off the D.L.’ as composer and videographer. Topher is recently back from working with universities and NGOs in Nicaragua as creative director and designer. With Topher’s wide range of skills, he steps in to help with web development, photo and video needs. 

Topher has worked with Margraffix on several projects including video work for United Incentives and web development for Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania (, CASA Youth Advocates (, Lead Generation Scorecard for AHAA, and an internal app for Intel-Saffron. Topher can work in both Wordpress and Drupal CMS and is well skilled in Java script and jQuery.

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